Why Use a Grout Cleaning Station?

At Tile This, we offer an extensive array of tile grouting systems from premier brands like Rubi, Barwalt, and Raimondi. Our team is here to help you look at your grouting options. Regardless of whether you need wedges, wet saws, or other types of tools, we have you covered with our selection.

So, let us look at the benefits of using one of the grout cleaning stations we offer.

Raimondi Wash Master Grout Station

The Raimondi Wash Master Grout Station we offer is designed for cleaning grout from walls and floors without the need to get down and crawl on the floor to clean. This Master Grout Station includes a pole sponge that allows you to clean in an upright position on both walls and floors.

This product includes a pedal that speeds up and eases the squeezing function of the sponge, enabling the user to operate upright. You can use this sponge float and handle on wall and smaller floor areas. It includes a 10.5 gallon bucket, minimizing the number of times needed to change the water. It delivers ideal cleaning with its high absorption sponge.


Some of the features and benefits of the Raimondi Wash Master Grout Station include:

  • Enables easy and fast grout cleaning
  • Minimizes the number of water changes required
  • Increases the time-efficiency involved with cleaning grout
  • Ensures the grout sediment stays at the bottom of the bucket
  • Made from durable aluminum and plastic
  • Usable on wall and floor applications
  • Replaceable heads, sponges, and poles are available
  • Operates on two rolling wheels for easy transport around the project site

Regardless of whether you need the Raimondi Grout Cleaning System, Barwalt Ultra Grouting System, or other tile grouting system, take a moment to check out our product selection.

To learn about the extensive selection of grout system cleaning and application products we offer at Tile This, call us today at 952.882.0436 or use our contact form to send us a message.