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    Mortar Tools and Adhesive for Tile Installation

    Adhesives such as thin-set are vital to the successful completion of your tile installation projects. At Tile This, we offer a high-quality selection of mortar tools, including adhesive and thin-set. Whether you need modified or unmodified thin-sets, adhesives and sealants, we have you covered.

    Our Selection of Mortar Tools and Adhesive Products

    The array of mortar and adhesive products we offer include Schluter ALL-SET Modified Thin-set, Schluter SET Unmodified Thin-set, Schluter Kerdi Fix, Noble 150 Sealant, Noble 250 Sealant and much more.

    The Schluter ALL-SET Modified Thin-set mortar we offer is designed for use with Schluter products. It may be applied to stone, porcelain, and ceramic tile. It may be used in both exterior and interior systems and comes in white and grey. This Schluter Thin-set mortar is creamy and smooth, making it easy to handle and apply.

    The Schluter Set Unmodified Thin-set mortar we offer is also formulated to be used with Schluter products such as Ditra, Kerdi and more. Like the modified thin-set, it may be used with ceramic, stone tiles, and porcelain.

    As a single bonding and sealing compound, the Schluter Kerdi Fix is made with a silane-modified polymer base. It is odorless, contains no solvents, and is resistant to the deteriorating effects of UV rays and weather. Kerdi Fix is an elastomeric compound and adheres well to most materials, including glass, wood, stone, and many others.

    Get Your Mortar and Adhesive Here

    For more information about the mortar and adhesive products we offer at Tile This, call us today at 952.882.0436 or use our contact form to send us a message.

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