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    Schluter Kerdi Drain System Products

    It is essential to have effective drain components operating in your shower area to ensure proper water drainage. At Tile This, we offer many different styles and colors of drain grates, along with Kerdi drain flanges and a Schluter Kerdi Shower Drain Kits to help you achieve a highly functional, efficient, and aesthetically appealing drain system.

    Standard Drain Grates

    The Schluter Standard Drain Grates we offer are designed for use with Schluter Shower Systems and the Schluter Kerdi Drain Flanges. These 4-inch drain grates are manufactured with a frame adjustable to the layout and thickness of the stone or ceramic tile covering. This adjustment may be done through the lateral adjustment ring and height adjustment collar, and cleanout covers or grates that are inside the frame. They also come in a range of color options.

    Schluter STYLE Drain Grates

    The Schluter STYLE 4-inch Drain Tile Grate products we offer are available in multiple designs, including Pure, Curve, and Floral. They are designed for use with Schluter Kerdi Drain Flanges and are each available in the following colors: Brushed Classic Gold, Brushed Rose Gold, Brushed Vintage Gold, Brushed Nickel, and Brushed Stainless Steel, Bronze, Matte Black, Matte White, Cream, Greige, and Stone Grey.

    Schluter Kerdi Drain Flanges

    The Schluter Kerdi Drain Flanges we offer are bonding flanges that enable a secure connection to the Kerdi Waterproofing Membrane at the assembly through the large contact area it provides. These drain grates can be adjusted laterally to match tile grid layout and leveled to the surface of the tiles. The adjustable grate is available in stainless steel and multiple anodized aluminum finishes.

    Schluter Drain Adaptor Kit

    The Schluter Drain Adaptor Kit is used to convert clamping ring drains by supplying these drains with an incorporated bonding flange which only comes in ABS plastic. These adaptor kits come with an adaptor ring made from stainless steel having an over-molded rubber gasket. They may be used for both shower tray and mortar bed applications. These kits also have an array of perforated hole patterns that connect with most of the commonly used clamping ring shower drains.

    Whether you need a Schluter Black Drain Grate, Drain Adaptor Kit or Kerdi Drain Flange, we have your tile grate drain and drain flange needs covered.

    Contact Us for Drains and Grates

    For more information about the Schluter Kerdi Drain System products we offer, including the Schluter Kerdi Drain Grate and Flanges, give us a call today at 952.882.0436 or send us a message through our contact form.

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