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    10 products


    Tile Scoring Wheel Products

    The goal when using a scoring wheel is to just score once to create enough of an indentation that will result in a clean snap, particularly on ceramic tiles. In order to achieve this goal, you need the right tile cutter along with the right scoring wheel. At Tile This, we offer a selection of tile scoring wheel products that help you achieve fast and clean tile cuts.

    Our Selection of Sigma Scoring Wheel Products

    The various scoring wheels we offer to help you perform precision tile cuts and installations include the Sigma 14A Scoring Wheel for Pull Handles, Sigma 14C Scoring Wheel for Push Handles, Sigma 14M Scoring Wheel for 5M Handle, and Sigma 14MX Scoring Wheel for MAX Handles.

    Whether you need a scoring wheel for tile cutter products or a scoring wheel for porcelain tile or other stone tile applications, we have you covered.

    The Sigma scoring wheels we offer are strong and effective at preparing tiles for a clean cut. Some of the scoring wheels we offer come in sizes of 12mm or 14mm. You can use these scoring wheels in conjunction with a Sigma replacement handle we also offer.

    Feel free to browse through our selection of scoring wheels to find the one that matches your tile cutting tool and application.

    Purchase Tile Scoring Wheels Here

    For more information about the Sigma tile cutter scoring wheel products, we offer at Tile This, give us a call today at 952.882.0436 or drop us a message through our contact form.

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