GE Sealants

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    9 products


    GE Sealants

    Benefits: GE Sealants offer superior performance and reliability, designed to meet the demanding needs of professional contractors and homeowners alike. Each product is crafted with advanced technology to ensure lasting durability and a professional finish.

    • Waterproofing: Provides a strong barrier against water infiltration, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.
    • Flexibility: Offers excellent flexibility to accommodate movement without cracking or shrinking, ensuring long-term effectiveness.
    • Adhesion: Bonds securely to a variety of surfaces including concrete, metal, wood, glass, and ceramics, enhancing project versatility.
    • Mold Resistance: Formulated to resist mold and mildew growth, maintaining a clean and hygienic seal over time.


    1. Concrete Silicone: Specifically formulated for concrete joints and masonry applications, offering durable weatherproof protection.

    2. Window & Door Sealant: Designed to seal gaps around windows and doors, providing energy efficiency and weather resistance.

    3. Tile Silicone: Ideal for sealing around tile installations in kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet areas, offering moisture resistance.

    4. Kitchen & Bath Sealant: Specifically formulated for high-moisture areas, providing a waterproof seal around sinks, tubs, and countertops.

    5. Paintable Kitchen & Back Sealant: Allows for painting over after curing, blending seamlessly with surrounding surfaces for a polished look.

    6. Advanced Silicone: Offers superior adhesion and flexibility, suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

    7. Premium Silicone: Provides long-lasting durability and weather resistance, ideal for demanding environments.

    8. All Purpose Silicone: Versatile sealant suitable for various household and construction projects, ensuring reliable performance.

    9. Metal Silicone: Specifically formulated to bond with metal surfaces, providing a durable and protective seal.

    10. Gutter Silicone: Designed for gutter and downspout applications, offering weatherproof protection and ease of application.

    Explore the full range of GE Sealants to find the perfect solution for your next project, backed by reliability and quality craftsmanship.