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    Trowels for Your Tiling Project

    At Tile This, we are your trusted tile installation tool supply company, offering an array of products from dependable and popular brands in the home improvement and construction industries. Our inventory includes trowels from brands such as Barwalt, Rubi Tools, and Schluter. Whether you need a new margin trowel, large format trowel, or standard notched trowel we have you covered.

    Notched Trowels and More

    Check out our trowel selection to find the trowels that match the needs for your tile installation project. Notched trowels consist of a ribbed pattern that helps apply setting material with an even thickness that ensures full contact with the tile once it has been placed. We offer various options including square notch, U notch, V notch, and large format trowels with ergonomic handles that provide excellent grip.

    Search no further than our selection of trowels at Tile This for the trowels you need. You’ll find that our selection will have every size you need for any tile installation project you have.

    For more information about the Barwalt trowels and Rubiflex trowels we offer at Tile This, or to ask us any question about our trowel products, call us today at 952.882.0436 or use our contact form to leave us a message.

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