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    Mixers & Paddles

    At Tile This, we are your dependable tile installation tool supplier, providing a wide range of tile installation products from reliable and well-known brands in the construction and home renovation industries. Our selection of tile tools includes a quality line of mixers and paddles which have particular heads and other features to help you achieve the mortar mixture you need for your tiling projects.

    Barwalt, Collomix, and Rubi Mixing Paddle Options

    The Barwalt mixing paddle options we offer include the 28” Economy Mixing Paddle, 30” Kwikmixer MX-1 Mixing Paddle, and 30″ EZ-Mixer MX-2 Mixing Paddle.

    Our Collomix mixer paddle options include MK Mixing Paddles, MKD Duo Mixing Paddles, WK Mixing Paddles, Power Mixers (Xo 1, Xo 4, Xo 6), Xo 55 Duo Mixer, in addition to the HEXAFIX Retrofit Adapter.

    We also offer Rubi mixer and paddle options such as the M14 3HELIX Mixer Paddle Series, RUBIMIX 9 N Mixer, and RUBIMIX 9 N Plus Mixer.

    Benefits of Mixer Paddles

    Paddle mixers, as opposed to standard drills, are designed specifically to handle heavy loads produced during the mixing process. These mixer paddles, such as the Barwalt, Collomix consist of drive elements that deliver the required power and cooling for the motor, even under very high loads. In addition, the special gear units of these mixers help guarantee optimal performance and a long service life.

    Barwalt, Rubi, and Collomix products are durable, powerful and highly resistant to wear, delivering optimum power to achieve the required mortar mixture every time.

    For more information about the extensive selection of tile tools we offer at Tile This, including our inventory of mixing paddles, call us today at 952.882.0436 or fill out our contact form and send us a message.

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