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    Raimondi Tile and Stone Saws

    Choosing the right tile and stone saw for any installation project may depend on one or more factors, including the demands and scope of the project, and your budget. At Tile This, we are your source Raimondi wet saw options to help you achieve accurate, efficient, and fast results.

    We offer three series of Raimondi tile and stone rail saws – Bolt Series, Gladiator Series, and Zipper Series. All three series are manufactured with Italian quality through and through.

    Raimondi Bolt Series Rail Saws

    This series of saws possess a 3360 rpm, 110 volt motor. With a 1.5 HP motor, this Raimondi wet saw is ideal for cutting ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, brick, glass, and other natural stone materials. These rails saws are available in sizes 35”, 47”, and 59”.

    Raimondi Gladiator Series Rail Saws

    The Gladiator Series rails saws come with a 1.5 HP, 110 volt motor that rotates at 3,360 rpm. This saw is able to cut porcelain, marbles glass, ceramic, brick, marble, and other natural stones. The three sizes available with these rail saws are: 51” rip with 35” diagonal, 41” rip with 29” diagonal, and 34” rip with 24” diagonal. This Raimondi tile saw includes a tilting motor assembly for bevel cuts and an adjustable cutting depth.

    Raimondi Zipper Series Rail Saws

    The Zipper Series of rail saws by Raimondi are designed only for 12” and 14” blades. The unit comes with a single 14” blade. With a 2.2 HP, 110 volt motor, this bridge saw is able to cut ceramic, glass, brick, granite, and other natural stones very efficiently. These saws are available in 4 different sizes: 61” rip with 43” diagonal, 51″ rip with 35″ diagonal, 41″ rip with 29″ diagonal, and 34″ rip with 24″ diagonal. It also has an adjustable depth for cutting and a motor assemble that tilts for bevel cuts.

    Get a Raimondi Wet Saw for Sale

    For more information about the Raimondi tile saw products we offer at Tile This, give us a call today at 952.882.0436 or drop us a message through our contact form.

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