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    At Tile This, we have a strong track record of supplying tile installation professionals with the tools they need from top quality brands serving the home and construction industries. Whether you need an electric grout scraper, pneumatic polisher, tile stone and tile saws, or other tools for installing tile, we have you covered.

    Our Selection of Power Tools for Installing Tile

    Our selection of power tools for tile projects is extensive. It includes a range of products to help you achieve accurate and long-lasting results. In our power tool product line, you will find a number of products from the Alpha Tools brand, including air pneumatic polishers in several models (AIR-300, AIR-830, AIR-850, AIR-854). We also offer the Alpha Tools, Wet Stone and Tile Cutter, Countertop Trim Kit, Electric Grout Scraper, Wet/Dry 5” Stone Cutters, and Universal Handle for Hammer Drills.

    Your Source for Tile Installation Power Tools

    If you are ready to tackle your tile installation project, but need new or better tools to get the job done with precision and efficiency, look no further than our selection. We’re your source for Alpha professional tools, Rubi tools and many other leading brands.

    For more information about the range of power tools we offer at Tile This for your home or commercial tile installation needs, give us a call today at 952.882.0436 or use our contact form to send us a message.

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