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    Tile Spacers and Wedges for Your Tiling Projects

    We carry a wide array of floor tile spacers, wall tile spacers, including cross spacers and T spacers, in addition to precision wedges and horseshoe shims. The selection of brands in our inventory includes Barwalt, Pearl, and Rubi.

    Purpose of Tile Spacers and Wedges

    Tile spacers give you the ability to identify the exact distance required between tiles, enabling you to create a uniform surface than by simply guessing the proper tile placement. Without using spacers, installing tile is a much slower and difficult process. Tile spacers allow you to keep a uniform grout joint throughout the entire installation process.

    Wedge spacers help you line up the tiles correctly and keep the grout lines the same width. These spacers are also used during installation to maintain level horizontal grout lines. In addition, they help prevent tile from slipping on vertical surfaces.

    Our Selection of Tile Spacers and Tile Wedges

    The extensive array of tile spacers and wedges we offer for tile installation applications include products from Barwalt such as Hollow Leave-in Cross Spacers, Leave-In T Spacers, Horseshoe Shims, Long Cross Spacers, Precision Thin Cross Spacers, Precision Regular Cross Spacers, Precision T Spacers, Precision Wedges, and Spacer Chasers.

    From the Pearl brand we offer Abrasive Smart Spacers (Black and White). We also offer the Rubi Solid T Spacers.

    Whether you need Barwalt tile spacers, or other tile spacer and wedge products, we have you covered.

    For more information about the various tile spacers and wedges we offer at Tile This, call us today at 952.882.0436 or leave us a message through our contact form.

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