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    ProKnee Knee Pads

    Whether you are installing floor tiles as a professional or DIY installer, it vital to use tools that make the installation process as easy, efficient, and comfortable as possible. At Tile This, we offer various knee pad products, including ProKnee pads to increase your comfort level while installing tile.

    If you have installed any type of flooring, you know how much time you have to spend kneeling in order to complete the job. Without proper cushioned support, you can begin to experience knee pain and potentially knee injury. ProKnee knee pads absorb the pressure from kneeling on hard floors and reduce the stress and strain imposed on other parts of the body as well.

    ProKnee Pads

    The ProKnee 0714 custom knee pads we offer have been designed for use by various types of construction professionals, including tile floor installers. These custom knee pads provide you with optimum protection for your knees in premium comfort. ProKnee pads help you work longer without discomfort or pain with a patented shin support design that takes stress from off the knee joints. These kneepads come in 2 foam thicknesses. Most customers choose maximum protection with the 1” foam insert option. We also offer a wide model option for individuals who have a C measurement greater than 17.5”.

    When it comes to the support, comfort, and protection you need for your knees when installing floor tile, ProKnee pads have you covered.

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    To learn more about the ProKnee pads and other ProKnee parts we offer at Tile This, call us today at 952.882.0436 or complete our contact form.

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