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    Tile Floor Underlayment & Backerboard

    At Tile This, we offer a wide range of tile floor underlayment and backerboard products that are designed to deliver the perfect underlying base for your tile installations. Our product selection includes numerous top brands in the tile industry, including GreenSkin, Nuheat, Shluter, SunTouch, Tavy, and USG.

    Our Selection of Tile Underlayment Products

    Tile underlayment serves to smooth out the uneven areas of a subfloor, introducing a rigid layer that stops the floor from flexing underneath foot traffic. With this underlayment, the slightest movement of the subfloor can result in the cracking of tiles and grout lines. This tile underlayment also provides and effective waterproof barrier between the subfloor and tile.

    Backerboard is the standard in the tile installation industry for the installation of porcelain or cermainc tile.

    Our line of tile floor underlayment products include:

    • GreenSkin Flooring Underlayment Membrane
    • Nuheat Membrane
    • Nuheat Membrane Sheets 10.6 Sq Ft
    • Schluter Ditra XL Uncoupling Membrane
    • Schluter Kerdi Board ZT-ZS Washer and Screw Pack
    • SunTouch HeatMatrix
    • Suntouch HeatMatrix Joint Strip
    • Tavy #007 Glue
    • Tavy Thin-Skin
    • USG Durock Screws 1-1/4″
    • USG Durock Sealant 10.1 oz
    • USG Tile Backer Tape
    • USG UltraLight Foam Backerboard

    Regardless of whether you need, tile underlayment membrane, ceramic tile underlayment, Nuheat membrane sheets, or other tile floor underlayment products, we have you covered.

    To learn more about the various tile floor underlayment and backerboard products we offer at Tile This, or to ask us any questions about individual products, give our professional tile installation service team a call today at 952.882.0436 or complete our contact form.

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