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    140 products


    Rubi Tile Cutters

    Having the right tools on hand to cut tile with ease and precision is essential for ensuring timely project completing and professional results. At Tile This, we are your trusted source for tile cutters with a product line that includes some of best brands in the tile and stone industry, including Rubi. The Rubi tile cutter and Rubi tile cutter scoring wheel products we offer are designed to help you achieve precision results every time.

    Our Selection of Rubi Tile Cutter Tools

    We offer an array of tile cutting products designed to make cutting and scoring tile a breeze. These products include Rubi tile cutter scoring wheels, Rubi tile cutters, tile cutter wheels, and other manually operated cutters.

    Our selection of Rubi tile cutters helps the tile installer achieve optimum results cutting material. Tiles must be handled and cut carefully, with thicknesses in the 6 to 10 mm range. Rubi tile cutters adjust perfectly to tile with the ability to perform various types of cuts, including diagonal, straight, and curved.

    Our selection of Rubi tile cutter and scoring wheel products include:

    • Rubi TQ Tile Cutters
    • Rubi TP-S Push Tile Cutters
    • Rubi Scoring Wheels
    • Rubi TS-MAX Tile Cutters
    • Rubi Speed-N Tile Cutters
    • Rubi TR-Magnet Tile Cutters
    • Rubi Speed-Magnet Tile Cutters
    • Rubi TZ Tile Cutters
    • Rubi TP-T Pull Tile Cutters

    Rubi TZ Tile Cutter

    As a highly advanced tile cutter for use on ceramic tiles, the Rubi TZ tile cutter has a 3306 lb. maximum power and breaker apparatus. The power of this device plus its adjustable cutting depth gives it the ability to cut porcelain tile as thick as 13/16 inch. The scores produced by the Rubi TZ are accurate and smooth even as load pressure is elevated at the break. This cutter and its guides have a geometry, material makeup, and frame that gives it superior strength for cutting ceramic tile.

    Get Rubi Tile Cutters

    To learn more about the Rubi tile cutter and Rubi tile cutter scoring wheel products we offer at Tile This, call us today at 952.882.0436 or use our contact form.

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