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    27 products


    Montolit Product Collection


    Montolit tools and accessories are renowned for their exceptional quality, durability, and innovation in the tile industry. By choosing Montolit, you benefit from:

    • Precision Engineering: Montolit products are designed for accuracy, ensuring clean and precise cuts and finishes on every tile.
    • Durability: Made from high-quality materials, Montolit tools withstand heavy use and demanding conditions, providing long-lasting performance.
    • Innovative Design: Montolit continually innovates, offering advanced features that enhance efficiency and ease of use.
    • Versatility: With a wide range of products, Montolit meets various tile installation needs, from cutting and drilling to polishing and finishing.
    • Professional Results: Montolit tools are trusted by professionals for delivering top-tier results, making them an excellent choice for both experts and DIY enthusiasts.

    Our Selection of Montolit Products

    Dressing Stone

    • Montolit Dressing Stone: Essential for maintaining and sharpening diamond blades, ensuring optimal cutting performance and extending the lifespan of your tools.

    Tile Cutters

    • Montolit Masterpiuma Tile Cutter: Offers unparalleled precision and ease of use, ideal for cutting a variety of tile materials with minimal effort.
    • Montolit P3 Tile Cutter: A robust and reliable cutter designed for professional use, featuring a user-friendly design and high cutting capacity.

    Diamond Blades

    • Montolit Squadro Diamond Blade: Engineered for fast, smooth cuts on hard materials, including porcelain and granite.
    • Montolit CGX Diamond Blade: A high-performance blade suitable for both wet and dry cutting applications, providing clean, accurate cuts.

    Diamond Drill Bits

    • Montolit FAJ Diamond Drill Bit: Designed for drilling precise holes in hard materials, offering excellent performance and durability.
    • Montolit FDP Diamond Drill Bit: Ideal for use with porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone, providing clean and efficient drilling.

    Polish Pads

    • Montolit Polishing Pads: Available in various grits, these pads ensure a smooth, professional finish on a range of surfaces, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your tile installations.


    • Montolit Mosaic Nippers: Perfect for detailed work and intricate cuts, these nippers are designed for accuracy and ease of use.
    • Montolit Tile Nippers: Heavy-duty nippers that provide clean and precise cuts, making them an essential tool for any tiling project.

    By choosing Montolit products from Tile This, you are investing in tools that deliver professional-grade results, enhance your efficiency, and stand the test of time. Explore our selection today and elevate your tile installation projects with Montolit's superior quality and performance.