Essential Tiling Tools Checklist

There is more to selecting tiles, purchasing grout and adhesive when performing a DIY tiling project. You also need the right tile tools to get the job done accurately and within the required timeframe. Without the right tools, the results may be less than professional. At Tile This, we offer an extensive line of tile installation tools to help you perform tile installation work that you and others will truly appreciate.

Here is a checklist of essential tile tools you will need to perform tiling work to high quality standards.

Tile Cutters

Virtually every tiling job requires tile cuts to ensure a proper tile fit. Usually, the walls and floors are not perfectly equal. A tile cutter is one of the best tools to accomplish this task. Tile cutter options to get the job done include manual rail cutters, electric handheld grinders, and electric wet wheel tile cutters.

Tile Spacers

Regardless of whether you are laying large marble tiles or small wall tiles, you will need plenty of tile spacers. These tile setting tools are inexpensive but effective in ensuring you have equal gaps between every tile. They should be positioned on all four edges of the tile.

Notched Trowels

A notched trowel is essential for spreading adhesive in floors and walls. The notches in the trowel help ensure proper adhesion between the substrate and the tile – suction is created by the grooves.

Grout Floats

A grout float is essential for applying grout correctly as you seal the tiles. Proper grout application will ensure the longevity of your tile installation. Other tile setting tools such as a spatula or standard trowel do not have the flexibility of a grout float to ensure complete and uniform grout coverage between the tiles.


When it comes to mixing grout and tile adhesive, buckets are essential. A durable bucket can last through a vast number of tiling jobs.

Other tile tools that are essential to completing a professional looking tile job include spirit level, pencils, tape measure, wooden battens and nails, mixing paddle, and sponges.

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