Wedi Fundo Curbless Shower Bases

Wedi Fundo Curbless Shower Bases
Wedi Fundo Curbless Shower Base, 48 inches by 48 inches
Wedi Fundo Curbless Shower Base, 48" x 60"
Wedi Fundo Curbless Shower Base, 60" x 60"

Wedi Fundo Curbless Shower Bases

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Upgrade your bathroom with the Premium Wedi Fundo Curbless Shower Bases, the ultimate solution for sleek, modern, and accessible shower designs. These innovative tileable shower pans are engineered for a barrier-free entry, featuring a low-profile perimeter thickness of just 3/4 inch, ideal for recessing flush into subfloor constructions. Each shower base includes the groundbreaking Wedi® Fundo Click and Seal® Drain unit, ensuring a secure seal and hassle-free installation.

Key Features:

  • Low Profile Design: With a perimeter thickness of only 3/4 inch, these shower bases integrate seamlessly into your subfloor, creating a smooth, curbless entry for your shower.
  • Pre-Sloped and Waterproof: Designed for maximum convenience and durability, these shower pans are pre-sloped to ensure efficient water drainage and are fully waterproof to handle the demands of daily use.
  • Complete with Click and Seal® Drain: Each base is equipped with Wedi's exclusive Fundo Click and Seal® Drain unit, which locks in place to prevent leaks and simplifies the installation process.


  • Barrier-Free Access: These shower bases provide effortless entry and exit, making them ideal for accessibility and enhancing bathroom safety without compromising on style.
  • Seamless Waterproofing Integration: Use with the Wedi® Subliner Dry sheet waterproofing membrane, which extends 3 feet out into the bathroom floor, offering a waterproof transition that protects against moisture damage.
  • Versatile Installation: Compatible with the Wedi® Curbless Shower Recess Installation Kit, these bases can be installed over wooden subfloors with ease, allowing for a curbless design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Available Sizes:

  • 48x48 Shower Base
  • 48x60 Shower Base
  • 60x60 Shower Base

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of style and functionality with the Wedi Fundo Curbless Shower Bases, the perfect tileable shower base for modern shower floors. Embrace the blend of design and practicality with our premium shower bases and pans, ensuring a beautiful, durable, and accessible bathroom experience.

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