29 products

    29 products


    Hydro-Blok Product Collection

    Benefits: Hydro-Blok offers innovative solutions designed to elevate your bathroom installations with unmatched reliability and ease of use. Each product is crafted to ensure superior waterproofing, durability, and efficiency, making Hydro-Blok a trusted choice among professionals.

    Selection: Explore our comprehensive selection of Hydro-Blok products, featuring everything you need for a flawless shower installation:

    • Shower Kits: Complete packages for hassle-free shower construction.
    • Shower Trays: Durable bases to support your shower enclosure.
    • Shower Curbs: Essential for containing water within the shower area.
    • Shower Shelves: Convenient storage solutions that integrate seamlessly.
    • Shower Benches: Comfortable seating options for enhanced shower experiences.
    • Shower Niches: Stylish recessed shelves for toiletries and essentials.
    • Shower Seats: Foldable or fixed seats for added convenience and accessibility.
    • Wallboard: Waterproof panels to ensure long-lasting protection.
    • Joint Sealant: High-quality sealants to prevent leaks and ensure tight seals.
    • Pipe Seals: Reliable seals to maintain waterproof integrity around pipes.
    • Valve Seals: Essential for waterproofing shower valve installations.
    • Screws and Washers: Hardware designed for secure and durable installations.
    • Drain Grates: Stylish and functional covers for shower drains.
    • Putty Knives: Tools for precise application of sealants and adhesives.
    • Cartridge Guns: For efficient dispensing of sealants and adhesives.

    Elevate your bathroom projects with Hydro-Blok’s superior waterproofing solutions, ensuring peace of mind and lasting performance.