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    Your Source for Tile Floor Heating System Products

    At Tile This, we offer a wide range of tile floor heating system products to help you with your heated tile installation. This includes our multiple heating option from Nuheat and Suntouch that offer floor heating thermostats with touch screen operations.

    Our Selection of Tile Floor Heating System Products

    NuHeat and Suntouch floor heating systems combine the great feeling of comfort with innovative and energy-efficient heating technology and thermostats – making sure you get the best out of your heating system.

    The product line of heated tile floor systems we offer includes:

    • Nuheat 120V and 240 V Cable Kits
    • Suntouch 120V and 240V WarmWire Kits
    • Nuheat Comfort Kits
    • Suntouch 120V and 240V TapeMat Kits
    • Nuheat Element Non Programmable Thermostat
    • Suntouch Loud Mouth Pro
    • Nuheat HOME Touchscreen Thermostat
    • Suntouch SunStat Command Thermostat
    • Nuheat Signature Wifi Thermostat
    • Suntouch SunStat Connect Thermostat
    • Nuheat MatSense Pro
    • Suntouch 120V and 240V Relays
    • Nuheat Mesh 120V and 240V
    • Nuheat Relay 120V

    Radiant heated floors do not blow dust and allergens around and provides an improved room climate with healthier humidity levels. The heating systems we offer are suited for any room in your house, providing comfort wherever you are.

    Regardless of whether you need a NuHeat thermostat, heated floor kit, floor heating cable, or other NuHeat or Suntouch floor heating products, we have you covered with high quality solutions

    Get Your In Floor Heat Here!

    For more information about our selection of heated tile floor products, including SunTouch thermostat and other tile floor heating system options, call us today at 952.882.0436 or complete our contact form.

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