ProKnee Universal Smart Lock Buckle

ProKnee Universal Smart Lock Buckle

ProKnee Universal Smart Lock Buckle

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Introducing the ProKnee Universal Smart Lock Buckle - the ultimate solution for quick and secure fastening on your knee pads. ProKnee's SmartLock® Plus Quick Release Buckle is a complete set that includes 1 male, 1 female, and 1 lock, ensuring a hassle-free experience while providing maximum safety for your knees.

Designed to seamlessly pair with SmartLock Plus Buckle Hardware Kits for Model 0714/0714E, Model 07, and Original, this Universal Smart Lock Buckle is a versatile accessory that adapts to various ProKnee models. It's the perfect replacement or upgrade for your existing buckle, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

No need to worry about compatibility issues - these Universal Smart Lock Buckle are designed to fit ALL ProKnee models, making it a convenient and reliable choice for any ProKnee user. Whether you own Model 0714, 0714E, Model 07, or the Original, this buckle will seamlessly integrate with your knee pads for a snug and secure fit.

Please note that no additional kit is needed for Model AP16, making it even more convenient for users of this specific model. The Smart Lock Buckle provides a reliable and efficient locking mechanism, ensuring that your knee pads stay securely in place during your most demanding tasks.

Upgrade your ProKnee experience with the ProKnee Universal Smart Lock Buckle - a durable, reliable, and versatile solution for all ProKnee models. Say goodbye to fumbling with traditional buckles and experience the ease and security of the Smart Lock system. Invest in your comfort and safety with ProKnee, the trusted choice for professional knee protection.

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