Using a Wet Tile Saw to Produce Precise, Clean Cuts on Glazed, Vitrified, and Glass Tiles

A wet saw is the ideal tool to cut tile accurately and quickly. This type of tile cutting device uses a diamond toothless blade continuously cooled by water. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor delicate cuts. Wet tiles saws enable professionals and DIYers to accurately cut and install tile with great efficiency. At Tile This, our inventory includes various types of tile cutters, including wet saws such as the Raimondi wet saw for fast and precise tile cutting tasks.

Cutting Glazed, Vitrified, and Glass Tiles

Many people have searched for a solution to cut glass, vitrified, and glazed tiles using wet-use diamond blades. The issue at hand when it comes to using a wet-use blade or even a standard blade for cutting these tiles is that the finished cuts have flaws, such as chipped edges, and sometimes significantly chipped edges.

This problem is often due to the thin glass surface attached to the top of these tiles, which is often less than 1 mm thick. The combination of ceramic tile or grès porcelain and glass presents a challenge to cut cleanly due to the material’s irregular consistency.

Standard Blades Are Insufficient

Normally, with ceramic and grès porcelain tile, the standard blades used are manufactured with medium to large diamond tips and a special metal bond. However, a standard diamond tool will not work properly when cutting glazed, vitrified, and glass tiles.

Using the Right Kind of Diamond Blade

In order to cut vitrified tiles properly, the diamond blade must consist of very small diamond tips and an additional meta bond that enables the cutting of the glass surface and the simultaneous production of a superb finished cut.

There are various factors to consider when choosing and purchasing a manual cutter or a wet saw for sale, including the speed, accuracy, and efficiency needed for the job, the size of the job, and the material to be cut. In some cases, wet saws area ideal for saving time and effort.

And in that case, it is important to use a wet saw with the right diamond blade.

When you are looking for a wet saw for sale, look no further than our selection of wet saws at Tile This. To learn about our wet saw selection, give us a call today at 952.882.0436 use our contact form to send us a message.