5 Tips for Choosing the Right Wet Saw

There are a variety of wet saw options on the market. These include concrete wet cut, damp saw blades for cutting glass tiles, and diamond blade wet cut saws. Choosing the best wet saw for your applications will allow you to produce more accurate cuts and satisfy your customer’s expectations. Below we cover some tips for choosing the right wet saw for sale. At Tile This, we offer multiple wet saws, including the Raimondi wet saw, that provide accurate, efficient, and fast tile cuts.

1. Evaluate Your Cutting Materials

Wet saws are used is various ways depending the material being cut. For instance, if you are cutting porcelain tile, you would need a wet cut blade. If the material is glass, you will need a glass-wet saw blade. If the material is concrete, you would need a concrete saw.

2. Evaluate Machine Stability and Strength

More than just observing the appearance of the wet saw, it is important feel the machine operate. You can evaluate its construction by handling and moving it. When the motor runs, does it vibrate? Check if the motor head slides smoothly along the rail of the bridge. The components of the saw should not have a loose fit, but rather a close, tight fit. The cut produced by the machine is more likely to be compromised if these components are loose.

3. Evaluate Capacity

An important factor to consider is the capacity required of the saw. Some lightweight saws may be insufficient for larger projects, but sufficient for smaller DIY projects. High-capacity wet saws come in handy for professional contractors that regularly perform tile installations. These saws enable the cutting of multiple tiles at once.

4. Evaluate Portability

The aspect of portability is highly important for many tile cutting projects. A lightweight tile saw is more portable and usually has a more compact design that makes it easier to carry from one room to the next. The ideal wet saw in these cases is one that is easy to assemble, transport, and disassemble.

5. Evaluate Water Handling and Collection

To avoid the need to refill too often, choose a wet saw with a sufficiently large reservoir. Also, ideally the saw should include a containment system that collects the water after use. The system should minimize splashing. Also, nozzles on both sides of the blade will help prevent it from overheating.

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