Zinsser Smart Prime, Quart

Zinsser Smart Prime Quart Can - Superior Primer for Professional Use
Zinsser Smart Prime Quart Can - Superior Primer for Professional Use

Zinsser Smart Prime, Quart

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Introducing Zinsser® SmartPrime®, the ultimate solution for professional and commercial painting applications. This water-based modified acrylic primer/sealer, stain killer, and bond coat redefine excellence with its oil-based product characteristics. SmartPrime is your go-to choice for achieving impeccable results on both interior and exterior surfaces, offering a myriad of features tailored for top-notch performance.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Application: SmartPrime is designed for a wide range of surfaces, making it suitable for residential, institutional, and commercial use. Ideal for schools, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, restaurants, and more, it effortlessly enhances interior and exterior walls, ceilings, doors, trim, fascia, soffits, foundations, railings, and other paintable surfaces.

  2. Glossy Surface Compatibility: Bond to glossy surfaces without the need for scuff sanding, saving you time and effort in the preparation process.

  3. Stain-Blocking Power: Formulated with proprietary stain-blocking resins, SmartPrime ensures that unsightly stains are kept at bay, providing a pristine surface for your paint job.

  4. Mold and Mildew Resistance: The dried film of SmartPrime is resistant to mold and mildew, ensuring a long-lasting and clean finish in a variety of environments.

  5. Adhesion to Various Surfaces: SmartPrime excels in bonding to a diverse range of surfaces including wood, plaster, concrete, gloss enamels, hardboard, glass, and tile, offering unparalleled versatility in your painting projects.

  6. Chalky Surface Compatibility: Bonds effortlessly to moderately chalky surfaces, providing a solid foundation for your paint application.

  7. Fast-Drying Convenience: With its quick-drying formula, SmartPrime dries in minutes, allowing you to proceed with subsequent coatings in just one hour. This feature accelerates your painting process, ensuring efficient and timely project completion.

For detailed technical information, explore the SmartPrime Technical Data here.

Choose Zinsser® SmartPrime® for a primer that combines the best of water-based technology with the performance of an oil-based solution, delivering outstanding results for your professional and commercial painting needs.

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