Wedi Subliner Dry Waterproofing Sheet Membrane

Wedi Subliner Dry Waterproofing Sheet Membrane
Wedi Subliner Dry Waterproofing Sheet Membrane
Wedi Subliner Dry Waterproofing Sheet Membrane
Wedi Subliner Dry Waterproofing Sheet Membrane Room

Wedi Subliner Dry Waterproofing Sheet Membrane

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Wedi® Subliner Dry Waterproofing Sheet Membrane, the advanced solution for seamless and waterproof underlayment in your indoor wall and floor projects. With a generous coverage of 53 or 323 sq ft, this Subliner Dry Mat is designed to elevate your tiling experience and ensure long-lasting performance.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Application: Ideal for sealing measures over pre-existing wall or floor underlayment, including drywall. It pairs perfectly with ceramic tiles, slabs, and natural cast tiles in various indoor spaces.

  2. Exceptional Vapor Resistance: Subliner Dry boasts a unique Vapor Resistance rating of 0.09 WVTR/Perms, tested using ASTM E96; method E. This makes it particularly well-suited for steam showers and rooms, ensuring a durable and resilient barrier against moisture.

  3. Flexible and Strong: Despite its robust performance, Subliner Dry is remarkably pliable. This combination of strength and flexibility makes it easy to work with, adapting to the contours of your surfaces seamlessly.

  4. Printed Installation Guidance: The installation steps, measuring, and cutting grid lines are conveniently printed on the surface of the mat. This user-friendly feature simplifies the installation process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

  5. Comprehensive System: The Subliner Dry System includes a range of accessories, with wedi Sealant 620 playing a crucial role in treating all seams. This comprehensive approach enhances the water and vapor-proofing of your installation, providing peace of mind for years to come.

  6. Advanced Sealing Technology: Wedi goes beyond traditional techniques by offering a superior solution for sheet membrane seams. While other methods may rely on thinset mortar, Wedi's approach ensures a waterproof and protective seal, preventing water absorption and safeguarding the substrate effectively.

Elevate your tiling projects with confidence using Wedi® Subliner Dry Mat. Trust in its advanced features, easy installation process, and unmatched durability for a flawless finish in any indoor space.

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