HMK Stone Sealer - Satin Finish

HMK S237 Stone Sealer Satin Finish

HMK Stone Sealer - Satin Finish

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Introducing the HMK S237 Stone Sealer - Satin Finish, a premium, modified silicone/acrylic-based sealant designed for enhancing and protecting your interior honed and textured mineral surfaces. Ideal for a variety of applications, this product ensures your stone surfaces are not only aesthetically enhanced but also robust against daily wear and tear. HMK S237 is particularly suited for natural stone, agglomerates, concrete, and terrazzo, delivering a durable satin finish that enhances the material's natural color and structure.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Protection: Formulated to reduce the penetration of water, dirt, and grease, preserving the beauty and integrity of the surface.
  • Color Enhancement: Deepens the natural color of stone surfaces, providing a noticeable enhancement with a stylish satin finish.
  • UV Resistant and Slip Retardant: Offers added safety by reducing slipping risks, while also being UV stable to prevent fading.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Simplifies cleaning and maintenance, especially ideal for rough and textured surfaces.
  • Interior Use: Perfectly designed for indoor environments, ensuring optimal performance where it matters most.


  • Durability: Creates a tough, hard, and highly protective finish that withstands daily usage and environmental factors.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The satin finish not only protects but also beautifies your surface, making it a centerpiece in any setting.
  • Health and Safety: Once dry, the residual material is non-harmful, ensuring safety for homes and commercial spaces.
  • Specialized Application Tools: Can be applied with specific tools like the HMK Z950-HMK Z951 brushes for even coverage without puddling.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Efficient usage with about 50 to 110 square feet coverage per liter, making it a cost-effective solution.

This product is not suitable for wet areas or on polished, glazed, or non-absorbing surfaces and should be used following specific preparation and application instructions to achieve the best results. Always ensure proper ventilation during application and adhere to safety guidelines to prevent health hazards.

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