HMK Anti-Slip for Marble, Limestone & Travertine

HMK R766 Anti-Slip Limestone-marble

HMK Anti-Slip for Marble, Limestone & Travertine

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HMK® R766 Anti-Slip Treatment offers a specialized solution for enhancing the slip resistance of polished stone surfaces like marble, limestone, travertine, and terrazzo. Designed for professional use, this treatment creates microscopic pores on the stone's surface, providing essential traction in wet conditions and helping to prevent accidents due to slipping.

Key Features:

  • Targeted Use: Specifically formulated for calcareous stones such as marble, limestone, travertine, and terrazzo.
  • Enhanced Safety: Increases slip resistance by creating microscopic pores that improve grip, especially on wet surfaces.
  • Ease of Application: Ready-to-use formula that can be applied evenly using simple tools like a sponge or wash mop.


  • Preventative Safety Measures: Effectively reduces the risk of slips and falls, enhancing safety in both residential and commercial settings.
  • Professional Grade: Designed for professional application, ensuring reliable results when used as directed.
  • Surface Compatibility: Tested for effectiveness on a variety of calcareous stone surfaces, with specific instructions provided to maximize results.

Important Considerations:

  • Surface Alteration: Note that the gloss and color of the treated surface may change as a result of the application.
  • Application Conditions: Avoid application in direct sunlight and ensure the surface is cleaned thoroughly before use.
  • Safety Precautions: Highly toxic and corrosive. Proper protective gear must be worn during application to avoid injury.


  • Approximately 300-400 square feet per unit, depending on application thickness and surface porosity.

This product is an ideal choice for professionals seeking to enhance the safety of stone flooring by effectively increasing its slip resistance without compromising the stone’s natural beauty.

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