HMK Cement Film Remover - Acid Base

HMK R163 Cement Film Remover

HMK Cement Film Remover - Acid Base

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HMK® R163 Cement Film Remover is a highly effective, acid-based concentrated cleaner designed for professional use. It tackles tough jobs like removing grout and cement residue, heavy construction dirt, lime and calcium deposits, and efflorescence. This robust cleaner is ideal for restoring the natural appearance of all acid tolerant stone surfaces, tiles, bricks, and rough concrete, making it an essential product for both interior and exterior projects.

Key Features:

  • Acid Based Formula: Specifically designed to break down and remove cement and mortar residues.
  • Versatile Use: Applicable on natural and artificial stone, ceramic tiles, porcelain, brick, terracotta, and rough concrete surfaces.
  • Interior and Exterior Compatibility: Ensures comprehensive usage in different settings without damaging the treated areas.
  • Concentrated Solution: Offers a range of dilution options (1:4 to 1:20) to match the severity of contamination, providing flexible and economical usage.


  • Efficient Cleaning: Quickly lifts and removes stubborn residues and deposits, reducing labor time and effort.
  • Safety Measures: Includes detailed usage instructions and precautions to ensure safe application and handling.
  • High Coverage: Offers extensive coverage, ranging from 800 sq ft when diluted to 4000 sq ft, making it cost-effective for large scale projects.
  • Compliance with Safety Standards: Accompanied by a Material Safety Data Sheet to ensure proper handling and storage.

Caution: HMK® R163 is not suitable for polished surfaces and acid-sensitive materials. It is recommended to use HMK® R169 Exterior Stone Cleaner for environments where acid fumes are a concern. Proper protective gear should be worn during application to avoid skin and eye contact. Always test the product in an inconspicuous area before full application to ensure compatibility.

This powerful cleaning solution is ideal for professionals seeking to efficiently restore and maintain the aesthetic of various hard surfaces exposed to construction activities and natural weathering.

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