HMK Oil and Wax Remover

HMK R152 Oil and Wax Remover

HMK Oil and Wax Remover

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HMK® R152 is a highly effective, specially formulated cleaning paste that tackles tough stains on a variety of surfaces. Whether you're dealing with oil, wax, grease, or other stubborn residues, this product is designed to restore the natural beauty of both natural and man-made stones. Suitable for use on interior and exterior surfaces, HMK® R152 ensures thorough cleaning without damaging polished, fine-honed, or textured finishes.

Key Features

  • Versatile Application: Removes a wide range of stains including oil, grease, wax, and silicone smears, as well as mineral deposits.
  • Deep Penetration: The poultice penetrates up to 2 cm deep, ensuring effective stain removal below the surface.
  • Safe on Various Surfaces: Can be used on all natural and artificial stones, ceramics, porcelain, and concrete.
  • Interior and Exterior Use: Designed to handle the challenges of both indoor and outdoor environments.


  • Surface Safety: Safe for polished and fine-honed surfaces, ensuring cleanliness without risk of damage.
  • Environmentally Considerate: Avoids harm to nearby areas; just ensure protection from direct sunlight and wind during application.
  • Practical Application: Includes guidelines to prevent damage to sensitive materials and ensure user safety during use.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning: Not only removes surface stains but also addresses residues from unsuitable sealers, enhancing the appearance of tile edges and other detailed areas.

Important Considerations

  • Avoid application on rubber, plastics, lacquered, varnished surfaces, and materials that are intolerant to solvents.
  • Ensure all foodstuffs are removed from the area before starting the cleaning process.
  • Turn off underfloor heating and allow surfaces to cool to room temperature to optimize efficacy.

HMK® R152 Oil and Wax Remover is your go-to solution for maintaining pristine stone and tile surfaces, combining deep-cleaning technology with surface-safe practices.

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