HMK Terracotta Care

HMK P326 Terracotta Care Bottle - Professional Terracotta Cleaning and Maintenance Solution

HMK Terracotta Care

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Introducing HMK® P326 Terracotta Care – the ultimate self-glossing treatment designed for unglazed terracotta, brick pavers, and clay tiled floors. This solvent-free, water-based acrylic conditioner and maintenance sealer/cleaner redefine the care and enhancement of your indoor surfaces. Elevate your space with enriched colors, improved structure, and a brilliant silky shine, effortlessly achieved without the need for polishing.

Key Features:

  1. Water and Dirt Resistance: HMK® P326 significantly reduces the penetration of water and dirt, ensuring your terracotta, brick, and clay surfaces stay pristine for longer periods.

  2. Solvent-Free Formula: Our environmentally conscious formulation is solvent-free, providing a safe and sustainable solution for interior use.

  3. Enhanced Protection: The protective film developed by HMK® P326 enhances the resilience of textured and rough surfaces, making them more resistant to heavy use and easier to maintain.

  4. Easy Application: Shake well before use and apply thinly and evenly with a clean non-fraying cloth, sponge, or mop. Dilute for first-time application and adjust for very absorbent surfaces. No need for re-mopping or rinsing – simply buff to a higher shine using a regular floor machine with a lambswool pad.

  5. Compatible with HMK® P328: Blend in any HMK® P328 unevenness with the application of HMK® P326, ensuring a seamless and consistent finish. Allow HMK® P328 to cure for 48 hours prior to P326 application.

  6. Periodic Refreshment: Maintain the shine by occasionally adding HMK® P326 to your wash water. For thorough cleaning before treatment, use HMK® R155 Intensive Cleaner.

  7. Convenient Sizes: Available in 1 or 5-liter containers, HMK® P326 Terracotta Care caters to your specific needs and the size of your project.

Achieve a lasting brilliance for your indoor surfaces with HMK® P326 Terracotta Care – the go-to solution for self-glossing, easy maintenance, and long-lasting protection. Elevate the beauty of your unglazed terracotta, brick pavers, and clay tiled floors with HMK® P326 Terracotta Care.

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