Collomix Xo55R Duo Professional Handheld Power Mixer

Collomix Xo55R Duo Professional Handheld Power Mixer
Collomix Xo55R Duo Professional Handheld Power Mixer

Collomix Xo55R Duo Professional Handheld Power Mixer

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Introducing the Collomix Xo55R Duo Professional Handheld Power Mixer – the ultimate solution for professionals working with demanding materials. This powerful 1-speed mixer is equipped with two counter-rotating paddles, providing an unparalleled forced mixing effect that effortlessly tackles heavy substances.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Paddle Efficiency: The Xo55R Duo features two counter-rotating paddles, enabling it to mix heavy materials 50% faster than traditional single-paddle mixers. This makes it ideal for demanding jobs where efficiency is crucial.

  2. Torque Elimination: The counter-rotating paddles effectively cancel out torque, ensuring a more comfortable and less strenuous mixing experience. This allows you to work for longer periods with reduced effort.

  3. Ergonomic Design: Specially designed ergonomic handles minimize hand fatigue, allowing you to maintain optimal control and precision during operation. The raised handlebar promotes an upright working position, preventing back strain and enhancing overall user comfort.

  4. German Engineering: Crafted in Germany with high-quality materials, the Xo55R Duo is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. Trust in the durability and reliability of a product designed with precision and attention to detail.

  5. Robust Construction: Four rubber bumpers protect the machine when laid down and assist in absorbing shocks from accidental falls, ensuring the longevity of your investment.

  6. HEXAFIX® Quick Coupling: Change paddles swiftly and effortlessly with the HEXAFIX® quick coupling system – no additional tools required. This feature enhances versatility, allowing you to adapt to different mixing tasks seamlessly.

Whether you're a contractor, builder, or DIY enthusiast, the Collomix Xo55R Duo sets the standard for handheld power mixers, delivering unparalleled efficiency, comfort, and durability. Invest in German engineering excellence and elevate your mixing experience to new heights.

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