Barwalt Tools Super Precision Wedges (75pc)

Barwalt Tools Super Precision Wedges (75pc)
Barwalt Tools Super Precision Wedges (75pc)
Barwalt Tools Super Precision Wedges (75pc)
Barwalt Tools Super Precision Wedges (75pc)

Barwalt Tools Super Precision Wedges (75pc)

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Your ultimate solution for achieving impeccable tile installations. Whether you're working on a tub surround or stacking rows up a wall, these wedges are designed to make your tiling projects a breeze.


  1. Precision Leveling: The Barwalt Tools Super Tile Wedges are specially crafted for leveling the first row of tiles with unparalleled precision. No more uneven tiles or awkward gaps – these wedges ensure a flawless finish every time.

  2. Versatile Use: Perfect for straightening rows as they stack up a wall, these wedges are versatile enough to handle various tiling scenarios. Say goodbye to the frustration of misaligned tiles and hello to a professional-looking installation.

  3. Built-In Gripper: All Barwalt Tile Wedges come with a built-in gripper that facilitates easy removal. This feature not only saves time but also ensures a smooth workflow, allowing you to focus on perfecting your tile layout.

  4. Superior Design for Larger Joints: The Super Wedge, part of the Barwalt Tools Super Precision Wedges set, is specifically designed to excel in projects with larger joints. Its enhanced capabilities make it the ideal choice for tackling more substantial tile installations.

Product Specifications:

  • Quantity: 75 wedges per set
  • Ideal for leveling and straightening rows of tile
  • Specifically designed for larger joints
  • Built-in gripper for easy removal


  • Achieve professional-grade results with ease
  • Enhance efficiency with the built-in gripper
  • Versatile enough for various tiling applications
  • Tailored for larger joint projects

Upgrade your tiling toolkit with Barwalt Tools Super Precision Wedges and experience the difference precision makes. Elevate your craftsmanship and make every tile installation a masterpiece. Order your set now and revolutionize the way you approach tiling projects!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Edward grudzien

Bardo dobre

hannah g

I'd order again thanks.

Antonio Garcia
Good but not great, smooth surface easily allows spacer to move/shift

I have used these to align rows of vertical back splash glass tile to a level line when the tile is slightly out of tolerance with the others in the same row. However, using these with smooth glass tiles does not work well - just okay. I mostly have to use them in conjunction with another flat spacer to get the adjustment I need. In some cases I have used some painter's tape on the surface to provide some friction so they still stay in place.

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