Alpha Professional Tools Katana Dry Cutting Blades for Porcelain

Alpha Professional Tools Katana Dry Cutting Blades for Porcelain
Alpha Professional Tools Katana Dry Cutting Blades for Porcelain
Alpha Professional Tools Katana Dry Cutting Blades for Porcelain
Alpha Professional Tools Katana Dry Cutting Blades for Porcelain

Alpha Professional Tools Katana Dry Cutting Blades for Porcelain

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Introducing the Alpha Tools Katana Dry Cutting Blades for Porcelain, the ultimate solution for professional tile contractors. Engineered by Alpha Professional Tools®, the Katana is designed to be the go-to blade for cutting a variety of materials, including porcelain, granite, marble, engineered stone, and glazed ceramic tile. Whether you're working on a large project involving cutting porcelain for an entire house or dealing with various materials on a single job, the Katana is the versatile blade that delivers exceptional performance.

Key Features:

  1. Tile Installer's Choice for Dry Cutting: Trusted by tile installers, the Katana is the preferred blade for dry cutting applications, providing efficiency and precision.

  2. Specially Designed for Hard Porcelain Tile and Sintered Slabs: The Katana is expertly crafted to handle the challenges of cutting hard porcelain tiles and sintered slabs, ensuring clean and precise cuts every time.

  3. Best Dry Cutting Tile Blade with Minimal Chipping: Experience superior cutting quality with minimal chipping, making the Katana the top choice for achieving smooth and professional-looking results.

  4. Hybrid Dry Saw Blade for All Tiles: Versatility is key, and the Katana delivers by being a hybrid dry saw blade suitable for cutting a wide range of tiles, meeting the demands of diverse projects.

  5. Fits on Most Popular High-Speed Angle Grinders: The Katana is compatible with most popular high-speed angle grinders, providing flexibility and convenience for professional contractors who use a variety of tools.

  6. Great for Porcelain Paver Tiles: Specifically designed for cutting porcelain paver tiles, the Katana ensures accurate and efficient cuts, making it an essential tool for outdoor tile installations.

  7. Can Be Used Wet or Dry: Adapt to different job requirements with the option to use the Katana either wet or dry, offering flexibility based on the specific needs of your project.

Upgrade your cutting experience with the Alpha Tools Katana Dry Cutting Blade – the reliable choice for professionals seeking precision, versatility, and durability in every cut. Attach it to your Alpha Wet Stone Cutter or high-speed angle grinder and elevate your tile cutting capabilities to the next level.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Too expensive

The blade works just fine the cost is ridiculousI bought a 10.00 blade at the same time to compare the two the cheaper blade works just as good if not better.3 stars because of the crazy high price

The best out there

Hands down the best blade out there. Cuts clean and quick. Good for a variety of materials.

BMW m5
Five Stars

awesome... i am so happy with the Quality

very very good on porcelain

This is blade is awesome. This is my fourth(4th) katana blade. I usually cut porcelain tile and this blade cuts very smooth, especially when moving blade forward. Going back is also pretty good, but forward makes cuts very clean. It also cuts pretty fast. I was doing a job around 700sf. 24x24inch tiles 3/8 thick rectified porcelain on diagonal and had to cut 90% of tile with grinder. wet-saw was a no-no as this was condo and water would make unbelievable mess and my ts-60 rubi would not fit this tile(i know, right ?). So with the grinder i went and a good fan. It was very doable.oh, another thing is if this blade jams and you get a kick-back, doesn't bend as easily as those skinny one's. so this is a huge plus for me, as it happens to me quite often.Another wobble, runs very true out of the box. and NO NEED to run it through brick every once in a while. it just works as is.OVERALL, still yet to find a better blade. I wish they made abrasive belt a little bigger. after all, porcelain does eat it up especially if you're in a hurry.

the best blade..

I work both commercial and residential marble and tile jobs and this blade is a must for pro's. Worth the price.

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