Alpha Professional Tools Felt Wheels for Polishing

Alpha Professional Tools Felt Wheels for Polishing
Alpha Professional Tools Felt Wheels for Polishing

Alpha Professional Tools Felt Wheels for Polishing

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Introducing Alpha Tools Felt Wheels for Polishing – the ultimate choice for achieving a flawless finish in stone fabrication. Our Alpha® Felt Wheels are specially crafted for the final buffing process, delivering a deep, glossy shine on marble and delicate granite edges, including ogees and bullnoses.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Polishing Compatibility: Designed for use with polishing powders, pastes, and bars, Alpha® Felt Wheels ensure optimal results in various polishing applications.

  2. Exceptional Durability: Crafted to withstand the acidic contents of most polishing compounds and the heat generated during the final polishing process, these wheels are highly durable, making them a favorite among marble fabricators and monumentalists alike.

  3. Hook and Loop Backing: The convenient hook and loop backing make these buffing wheels easy to use and replace, saving you time and effort during the polishing process.

  4. Perfect Thickness and Hardness: At 1/4" thick, Alpha® Felt Wheels strike the perfect balance between hardness and softness, ensuring optimal performance for achieving that sought-after deep glossy finish.

  5. Available Sizes: Choose from three different sizes – 3", 4", and 5" – to suit your specific polishing needs.

  6. Widely Praised by Professionals: Marble fabricators appreciate the luster achieved, monumentalists value the durability, and tile contractors rave about the glossy finish they can present to their customers.

  7. Floor Polishing Applications: Not limited to edges, Alpha® Felt Wheels can also be used for floor polishing applications, providing a consistent and high-quality finish.

Revolutionize your stone fabrication process with Alpha Tools Felt Wheels for Polishing. Achieve unparalleled results with a product trusted by professionals in the industry. Upgrade your polishing experience today!

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