Alpha Tools 110V 4-1/2" Wet Stone Cutter

Alpha Tools 110V 4-1/2" Wet Stone Cutter
Alpha Tools 110V 4-1/2" Wet Stone Cutter

Alpha Tools 110V 4-1/2" Wet Stone Cutter

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Introducing the Alpha Tools 110V 4-1/2" Wet Stone Cutter - the ultimate solution for professionals working with natural and engineered stone, tile, concrete, masonry, and glass. Crafted to meet the stringent demands of fabricators and installers, the AWS-110 is a powerhouse designed for precision and versatility.

Key Features:

1. Straight and True Cuts Every Time: The AWS-110 guarantees accuracy, allowing you to produce flawless cuts with ease.

2. Most Powerful Motor in Its Class: With one of the most robust motors in its category, this wet stone cutter effortlessly powers through challenging materials like porcelain, hard red granites, and engineered stone.

3. Dust-Free Cutting Experience: The water-feed supply system eliminates harmful dust particles common in dry cutting applications, ensuring a cleaner and healthier workspace.

4. Versatile Base Plate: The reversible ruler guide provides flexibility - work off the edge of the stone or glide along a straight edge. The AWS-110 is adaptable for freehand use, both wet or dry.

5. Complete Cutting System: More than just a saw, the AWS-110 offers a comprehensive cutting system suitable for cutting, scoring, profiling, and beyond.

6. Scratch-Free Operation: The included self-stick felt strips protect your work surface from scratches, ensuring the longevity of your tools and the quality of your work.

7. Perfect Tile Cutter: Tailored for precision, the AWS-110 is the ideal tool for cutting tiles, providing professional results every time.

8. Built-In GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter): Safety is a top priority. The integrated GFCI protects against electrical hazards, adding an extra layer of security to your workspace.

9. One Year Tool Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a one-year warranty, showcasing the confidence we have in the quality and durability of the AWS-110.

Elevate your cutting experience with the Alpha Tools 110V 4-1/2" Wet Stone Cutter - where power, precision, and versatility converge. Designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, it's a must-have for professionals seeking top-tier performance in stone and tile cutting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bob Roberts
Solid tool, buy it

Not bad at all. Seems very good quality and well designed. I even used it to score a concrete floor 2" before we jackhammered it out -- since I don't own a larger wet saw. Comes with water hose connectors (unlike most cheaper tools). Haven't used the guide yet but it's a great thing to have, fits well and is adjustable. Works great on quartz (so softer stone will be even easier).It has a serious gfci switch which is critical since it works in a wet environment. Extra long cord is helpful to keep connections away from the work area.All in all, it's working great.

Greg b
Most powerful bang for the buck in a small saw

This is the most powerful saw in its size class and for the buckI have cut hundred of feet of 3cm marble with this saw, cuts better than my bridge saw with an 8" bladeI paired this up with Rigid's 4 1/2 inch turbo blade and it cuts so fast it pushes mud in front of the saw..Will power thru with less aggressive or lower quality blades;It plunges good with the right support, the only thing missing is a track for marking long cuts.

Kai Smith
Could use longer rail and splash guard.

I used this to cut 1" thick marble. Worked great as long as you go at a slow even pace. I wish the guide rail was longer. I needed 9" wide cuts but rail doesn't go that wide so I had to freehand cut.Also water spray goes everywhere. A clear plastic shield over the side would prevent the operator from getting soaked with water.

Perfect saw for cutting woodlook tile.

I installed 8x48 woodlook tile and couldn't find anywhere that rented a tile saw big enough to make the rip cuts one a tile that big and i want paying $1600 to but one just for to tile 600 sq ft.Enter theAlpha AWS-110. I read about it on some construction and tiling message boards and figured is give it a try and I'm sure glad that I did.The built in water line with the valve on the saw made it so easy to control the amount of water while cutting and the straight edge helped make the rip cuts straight.Not did it work perfectly, but it was also cheaper than renting a small tile saw that wouldn't have even worked for the size of tile I was doing. This is a great little saw and I know that I'll be lending it to everyone that is doing their own tile.

Everything I expected

Went together in 5 min, cuts silestone a foot a minute, water spray very controllable, made up for the investment in a single piece I had to trim.

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