Barwalt Ultra Grouting System


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The Barwalt Ultra Grouting System can cut your grouting time by 30%-50%!

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Barwalt Ultra Grouting System comes with the tools you’ll need for grouting your newly set floor or wall excluding a grout float. This grouting kit can cut your grouting time down 30%-50%. The slits in the sponge allow you to grab more sediment than your average sponge. Making it easier to clean your floors and get rid of that nasty haze in no time. The grating in the bucket helps you clean off your dirty sponge so you’ll never squeeze a sponge again. Ever again. The Barwalt Ultra Grouting System is more efficient than any old method. All you have to do is rinse, wipe, and repeat. Mounted on four casting wheels, the UGS can be rolled around on the jobsite with easy. When the Racatac and UGS are combined, you will see a huge decrease in time spent cleaning your tile floor.


  • ¬†Mounted on casting wheels for easy transport
  • Cuts grout cleaning time by 30% – 50%
  • Slit sponges pick up more grout sediment
  • Makes grout cleaning faster and easier


  • 1 large bucket
  • 2 ultra-comfortable cushioned grip handles with grout sponges
  • 1 abrasive scrub pad for the wall handle
  • 1 Non-abrasive scrub pad for the wall handle.

Part Number: 81584