What Tools Do You Use to Set Tile?

Tiling projects can take up a lot of time and energy. There are several steps involved to complete these projects accurately and with professional results. The installer must lay tiles evenly on the first try since trying to reverse a tiling error can be very challenging or impossible without ripping up the installation. Some slight adjustment to tile positions may be possible after they are set, but it’s not something you want to rely on. The proper tools are essential for setting tiles properly. The quality of the finished job depends heavily on the use of these tools. At Tile This, we offer an array of quality tile setting tools designed to help you position your tiles accurately and achieve exceptional results.

Our Tile Setting Tools

Certain tools are needed during tile installation projects to accurately mark, level, and position tiles so they become fixed to the optimum position. The selection of tile installation tools we offer that enable professional tile setting results include tile marking tools, tile spacers, and tile leveling systems.

Tile Marking Tools

The tile installation tools we offer include those that help you mark tile during the tile setting process. These tile setting tools include the Profile Gauge, Barwalt 5 pc. Straightedge Kit, 8 ft. Straightedge, and Mini Straightedge Kit. The straightedges we offer from Barwalt enable you to perform easy and accurate marking, leveling, and profiling of your tiles.

Tile Leveling Systems

We offer tile leveling systems that enable superb accuracy and efficiency for the setting of tile. With these systems, you can effectively eliminate lippage during the curing process of the mortar adhesive. Our tile leveling system options include those from the following brands: LEVTEC, Rubi, Tuscan, and Russo Trading Company.

Floor Tile Spacers

We also offer tile setting tools in the form of floor and wall tile spacers. These include cross and T spacers, in addition to precision wedges and horseshoe shims. We offer tile spacers from Barwalt, Rubi, and Pearl.

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