What Tool to Use to Remove Tile?

In renovation and remodeling projects, tile removal can become a time-consuming task if you do not have the correct equipment for the job. At Tile This, we offer a range of different tile removal tools, from manually operated scrapers to lightweight and easy-to-use trolley jackhammers that make short work of even the most stubborn tile removal projects.

Manual Tile Removal Tools

Barwalt 4 and 8-inch adjustable scrapers are a low-cost option for the removal of glue, adhesives, sheetrock mud, or flooring materials that are easy to separate from the surface. The handles will last for a lifetime, and replacement blades are easy to change out as needed.

While not manual in operation, the RUBISCRAPER electric grout scraper is a great tool for any contractor. It tears out cement-based grout without producing dust, making it safe to use even in small indoor spaces.

Hammer Trolley Tile Removal Tools

We have several different options in Pearl Hammer Trolley jackhammers available. These are ideal for removing many types of floor coverings, including tile, cork floors, wood flooring, and other materials. These systems are on wheels for easy maneuverability, even in small spaces.

Operators can select five different positions for the approach of the jackhammer to make floor preparation easier. Weighing in at just 65 pounds, these trolleys are ideal for optimizing the use of a jackhammer on any job.

These Pearl Easy Hammer Trolleys require an order lead time of two to four weeks. For more information, contact our team at 952-882-0436.