What Kind of Tool to Use to Cut Tiles?

When it comes to cutting tiles, you can choose from a variety of professional tools on the market. Tile This offers a top selection of Rubi tile cutters and the Masterpiuma P3 Tile Cutters that are manufactured by Montolit.

Both of these lines of tile cutting tools are designed to create precision cuts on all types and sizes of tiles. Designed for professionals, they are ergonomic, allowing easy use for large projects even with hundreds of cuts required.

The Masterpiuma PC Tile Cutter

When it comes to tile cutting tools, the Masterpiuma PC Tile Cutter is considered one of the best on the market. It is a push-style cutter that can be used with mosaic, ceramic, natural stone, and porcelain tiles. It is Italian made of nickel-plated steel and die-cast aluminum for a rugged tool that will stand up to professional use for years to come while still cutting through difficult tile materials.

There are several different sizes in these tile cutting tools. This ranges from a 17-inch rip to a 61-inch rip, capable of cutting tiles from 12X12 diagonal to 43X43 diagonal.

Rubi Tile Cutters

Rubi tile cutting tools come in many different options. This includes the TX-MAX professional line, which benefits scoring and separating with one hand through the rachet handle design. This is also a durable and powerful tool available in three different sizes to accommodate larger tiles.

In addition, the Rubi line includes speed-magnet, push tile cutters, pull tile cutters, and the new Rubi TZ Cutters. The TZ cutters offer advanced designs for up to 3306lbs of power and breaker mechanism for easy cutting of any type of tile.