What is the Ideal Tool for Tile Grout Removal?

Signs of wear and tear can appear in kitchens and bathrooms just a few years after the installation of tile and other accessories. One of the main reasons for the dilapidated look in these spaces is often the condition of the grout. When grout loosens, stains, and cracks over time, it makes the entire space look bad. Grout can even deteriorate fast after it was installed by a professional, especially if the installation was poorly done. Tile grout removal is best done with tools that make the job as easy as possible. Grout is often removed so that new grout can be installed to restore the visual appeal and function of the space. At Tile This, we offer various of tile grout removal tools and tile removal tools for various sized projects.

Let’s look at some possibilities when it comes to tools for grout removal.

Power Tools

With the addition of an accessory tool to a reciprocating saw, you can have a powerful grout removal tool at your disposal. Or you may opt for an electric grout scraper or other oscillating tool to eliminate grout.

Manual Tools

If you prefer a manual process instead of a power process for removing grout around tiles, then a grit-edge blade or a triangular carbide blade attached to the tip of a screwdriver can do the job.

RUBISCRAPER 250 Electric Grout Scraper

When it comes to tile grout removal tools, the RUBISCRAPER 250 Electric Grout Scraper offers outstanding features such as depth control and toughness. This tool utilizes tungsten carbide blades that effectively tear and dig up grout, but not through friction, which prevents the accumulation of dust during grout removal. This tool is a safe option for extricating grout that has a cement base. As needed, the blades of this electric grout scraper may be sharpened for reuse. In conjunction with the Rubiscraper 250, you will also need a chisel tool or flat blade screwdriver to clean away any remnants of grout that remain after using the device.

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