What is the Best Tool to Remove Tile Grout?

A bathroom or kitchen may start to show signs of wear and tear several years after the installation of tile and other items. Grout is a big reason for the worn-down look in these rooms. Grout can become loose, crack, and stain over time, even after it has been installed professionally. If the grouting job was less than professionally done, then it is going to deteriorate that much faster. Fortunately, with the right grouting tools, removing tile grout is well within the capabilities of the average DIY enthusiast. Often removing grout is done so that re-grouting can restore an old worn-down tile and grout installation. At Tile This, we offer an extensive range of tile and grout tools for installation and removal jobs.

So, what is the best tool for removing grout? Let’s look at two options: manual and power.

Use a Manual Tool

You can opt for the manual process of removing grout, if you are disinclined to use a power tool. Manual grout removing tools can a triangular carbide blade mounted onto the tip of a screwdriver. Another manual tool is a carbide grit-edged blade.

Use a Power Tool

When it comes to grouting tools for removing tile grout, there are a few options available. You could add an accessory tool to your reciprocating saw which is designed for removing grout, or you could use an oscillating to such as an electric grout scraper.

Remove Grout with Our RUBISCRAPER 250 Electric Grout Scraper

The RUBISCRAPER 250 Electric Grout Scraper possesses excellent features, such as toughness and depth control. The tungsten carbide blades work by digging and tearing up the grout, not by friction. Therefore, it does not produce dust during operation. It is a very safe option for remove grout with a cement base. The blades on this grout scraper may be sharpened and used again.

You will also need a flat blade screwdriver or chisel tool on hand to remove extraneous bits of grout that may remain after using a power tool.

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