What is the Best Tile Leveling System?

Tile lippage results when tiles are not placed on a floor or wall in a uniformly level manner. This results in some tiles being raised higher than other tiles. Unevenly spaced tiles, tile thickness variations, warpage, or grout lines can cause lippage. This is why a tile leveling system is so vital to a tile installation. At Tile This, we offer tile leveling system products that can help you achieve professional-looking tile installations.

When it comes to the best tile leveling system, there are three effective options we will focus on here.

Raimondi Tile Leveling System

Raimondi leveling systems for tiles feature everything you need to keep your floor tile installation flat and without lippage. This system levels tiles by pushing tiles down and other tiles up to keep them at the same height. With the use of raimondi tile leveling system, your tiles will hold in place without shifting. The system utilizes clips as spacers. When placed between two tiles, you can insert the wedge and use the plier tool to make sure the wedge extends as far as possible, thus achieving the required tile leveling.

Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System

The Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System makes it easy to create an even surface between tiles. It allows you to spin the leveling cap down simply and quickly to the tile surface. It frees you from having to use each hand, other tools, or repetitive movements that can create fatigue during the installation of large format tile. With minimal effort, the installer can use one hand to tighten the cap.

LEVTEC Tile Leveling System

With the LEVTEC Tile Leveling System, you can achieve tile installations that keep tiles in place without lippage until the adhesive cures. It produces exceptionally accurate results with great efficiency. The interlocking nature of the design keeps the tiles together until the tiles set, eliminating gravity, glue shrinkage, and slight substrate flaws that can impact the desired finish of your tile floor or wall project.

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