What is the Best Tile Cutter to Purchase?

Tile installation projects often involve a significant amount of tile cutting. The process of cutting tile allows tiles to fit perfectly into various spaces, some of which are in a non-standard shape, such as corner pieces. At Tile This, we are your source for various types of tile cutter tools that can help your complete tile installation projects accurately and efficiently.

Tile Cutter Types

There are various types of tools on the market designed to cut tile. These include wet saws, manual tile cutters, and angle grinders. The best tile cutter among these to purchase depends on the application itself.

Wet Saws

If you need to cut tile quickly and accurately, a wet saw will do the job. This device uses a water-cooled diamond toothless blade, which is ideal for delicate cutting requirements, both indoors and outdoors.

Tile cutting tools enable professionals and amateurs to cut and install tile efficiently and accurately. At Tile This, we offer a range of tile cutters, including Rubi tile cutters, Rubi tile cutter scoring wheels, Sigma tile cutters, Alpha tile cutters, and other tile cutting tools.

Manual Tile Cutters

Tile installers commonly utilize manual tile cutters due to their ease-of-use. Sometimes, they are simpler and more convenient to use than larger tile cutters powered by electricity. With manual tile cutter, you can move quickly from one tile to another tile without having to check on the position of your electric cord or accidentally snipping it. You can also use manual cutters far away from any electrical outlet, if necessary.

Making accurate, straight cuts on ceramic tiles is straightforward using manual cutters. Although using manual cutters may take longer than using a wet saw or other electric-powered tike cutter, less skill is also required. The cost of a manual cutter is generally less than an electric powered cutting tool. However, you will not be able to make short or curved cuts or cuts through a certain thickness of tile with a manual tile cutter as you will be able to with a power cutting tool.

Angle Grinders

The angle grinder is a tool capable of not only cutting, but also sanding and polishing. Angle grinders are handheld power tools. Usable with diamond blades, they can produce various shaped cuts, including square, circular, and curved. Cutting out a floor drain opening is one example of what is possible with an angle grinder. This tool is ideal for cutting special shapes or on already-installed tile.

The Best Tile Cutter to Purchase

A number of factors will determine the best tile cutter for the job, including the efficiency and accuracy needed, the type of tile involved, and the size of the job. In some cases, a wet saw will save much time. In other cases, a manual tile cutter is the convenient tool to use for the task.

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