What is the Best Professional Tile Cutter?

Tile cutting is often a part of a tile installation project. The reason for cutting tiles is to create a proper fit of tiles into spaces of various sizes and shapes, including edge and corner pieces. At Tile This, we offer an array of tile cutter tools that enable effective tile cutting for the installation of tiles.

Types of Tile Cutters

The types of tools available to cut tiles include wet saws, angle grinders, and manual tile cutters.

Wet Saws

A wet tile saw is ideal when you need accuracy and speed for your tile cutting project. These tiles saws use a diamond, toothless blade cooled by water which is ideal for indoor or outdoor delicate and large quantity cutting requirements. We offer wet saws from brands such as Rubi, Dewalt, and IMER.

Manual Cutters

In certain cases, it is more convenient to use manual tile cutters instead of electrically powered wet saws. A manual tile cutter allows you to swiftly move from one piece to another without having to protect an electrical cord from accidently snipping. You can also use a manual cutter in places where there is no convenient electrical outlet.

Manual cutters make the process of cutting ceramic tiles straightforward and easy. It takes less skill to use a manual tile cutter than an electrical-powered wet saw, even though the cutting process may take longer. Manual cutters are also limited in the thicknesses and shapes they can cut, such as curved pieces.

We offer an array of manual tile cutting tools, including Sigma tile cutters, Rubi tile cutter wheel for scoring, Rubi tile cutters, Montolit tile cutters, and Alpha tile cutters.

Angle Grinders

With an angle grinder, you can cut, sand, and polish. The angle grinder is a handheld power tool that can cut various shapes, including curved, circular, and square. This tool is ideal for cutting out special shapes, such as a floor drain opening – on tile that is already installed.

The Best Tile Cutter to Purchase

The optimum choice of tile cutter may depend on the material, tile thickness, and quantity of tile to be cut, and the accuracy and efficiency of the cut required. Manual cutters are often less expensive and provide convenience. Wet saws are ideal for thick tiles, speed, and large projects.

To learn more about the various tile cutting tools and equipment we offer at Tile This, call us today at 952.882.0436 or leave us a message through our contact form.