What is the Best Grout Sealer for Porcelain Tile?

A sealer consists of a liquid coat added to a porous tile or grout surface. The sealer protects tiles from the effects of oxidation, everyday wear and tear, and natural deterioration. Often, sealers are used to protect unglazed tile and grout from staining. At Tile This, we offer the best grout sealer products to help you achieve high quality tile installation work.

Two major types of tile and grout sealers are surface sealers and penetrating sealers.

Surface Sealants

A surface sealant is placed on top of the tile and grout. Once applied, it begins to develop a stain resistant, non-porous seal. This type of sealer also improves the natural, rich colors of tile and also adds a touch of luster.

Penetrating (Impregnating) Sealants

A penetrating sealant is absorbed into the tile and grout. Once applied, it develops into a stain resistant barrier just under the surface. These sealants usually do not alter the tile’s appearance.

Using an Impregnating Sealer

Porcelain tiles are general stain resistant and nonabsorbent. However, the grout around the tiles is not. It is a cement based, porous product that can absorb moisture and can stain if it is not sealed. Potentially, the best grout sealer, an impregnable sealer may be applied to grout after it has dried for about 72 hours. The sealer helps prevent staining and provides time to clean up spills. This type of sealer may be applied regardless of the age of the grout.

Miracle Sealants 511 Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Sealer

The Miracle Sealants 511 Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Sealer we offer is an impregnating sealer that serves to protect all types of porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. The sealer develops an invisible shield that prevents moisture and staining while permitting vapor to release. This sealer will not change the nature look of the tile. After application, surfaces are less slippery and harder. Each 16 oz. spray bottle of this sealant can cover as much as 250 square feet.

This sealer may be used for exterior and interior applications. It is weather resistant, safe for food areas, and provides excellent coverage. It is also easy to use, U.V. transparent, oil and water resistant. Finally, it provides grout release and will not turn yellow over time.

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