What Is the Best Brand for Heated Floor Cables?

Some floor heating systems use heating cables rolled on a spool which are laid down by the installation professional a few inches apart over the sections of floor to be heated. Plastic cable guides are used to secure to the floor the wire which is extended across the heated area. These types of heating systems enable the heating of various shaped areas, including turns and unconventional angles. At Tile this, we are your source for floor heating systems that provide cozy, efficient heating to interior living spaces. Nuheat floor heating cable is a premier option to achieve the floor heating you desire.

Nuheat Floor Heating Cable

Designed for use with stone, tile, certain hardwood floors, and laminate, the Nuheat Cable Kit floor heating system comes in 30 different sizes. These kits are provided in both 120V and 240V versions. They are available with a spacing ranging from 12 to 15 watts per square foot. You can also use the cables in steam rooms, shower benches, and tile shower floors. Layout planning is made easy with a halfway marker provided on the cable.

When Nuheat floor heating cables is used in conjunction with a Nuheat membrane, the result is a heated floor which is waterproof and crack resistant. Nuheat cable kits provide safe floor heating with no electromagnetic activity. These systems are controllable by both thermostat options (programmable and non-programmable). The Nuheat flooring cables include a 25-year warranty. Thermostats do not come with the purchase.

Key Features of Nuheat Floor Heating Cables

Some of the prominent features of Nuheat floor heating cable include:

  • Applicable for use in various rooms, including bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and porches, among others
  • 3/16” cable thickness
  • Layout is 100% customizable
  • Zero electromagnetic activity
  • Available in 120V and 240V versions
  • Available in 30 sizes
  • Include a halfway marker for easy layout

When it comes to enjoying efficient warm heating in your interior spaces, Nuheat floor heating cable offers an efficient option.

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