What is Better: A Wet Tile Saw or a Dry Tile Saw?

For any tile installation job, using the right tile cutting tools is important. So, how do you know whether to use a wet tile saw or dry tile saw to cut your tiles? Below we cover some information about wet and dry cutting methods that can help you make the right decision. At Tile This, we offer an array of tile saws and tile cutting tools to help you cut tile with optimum efficiency and accuracy, including dry tile cutters and wet saws.

Wet Tile Cutting

The process of wet tile cutting with a wet saw uses water to help with the cutting process and is particularly ideal for cutting hard, dense, thick tiles and materials such as bricks, metal, and reinforced concrete. The use of water during the cutting process is also helpful when performing long cutting tasks in which the reduction of heat from the water helps protect the blade from wearing down. Wet saws have a water reserve, which combined with a diamond blade to cut through tile helps keep the cutting wheel at a cool temperature.

Dry Tile Cutting

Unlike the process of wet sawing, dry sawing does not use water to cut tiles. Dry cutting is more ideal for short periods of intermittent tile cutting. Manual tile cutters are often the preferred choice to handle these tasks. Other options include the use of a tile scriber or tile nipper. Tile scribers score through tiles evenly and cleanly with a hardened tip and produce straight cuts. Tile nippers also score tiles, generating a breaking line at which the tiles may be snapped into two pieces. These are useful for smaller jobs.

Wet or Dry: Which Is Better?

The better options between wet sawing and dry sawing (or cutting) depends on one or more factors, such as your cutting needs, preferences, budget, and tool requirements for installation. Wet sawing is ideal for intense and high-volume cutting needs. Dry cutting is more suitable for smaller tiles.

Wet saw cutting reduces the production and spread of dust into the air, thus lessening respiratory hazards for the operator and others in the same space. Water also reduces the temperature of the tiles and the machine when cutting.

Whether you are looking for a dry tile cutter or a wet saw for sale, we offer an array of tile saw and cutting options at Tile This.

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