What is a Good Thermostat for Radiant Floor Heating?

You can significantly enhance the comfort level of your interior living spaces and also bring down the costs of your heating bills each month through the use of radiant floor heating combined with a good floor heating thermostat. These heating systems are ideal when installed beneath naturally cool floor surfaces, such as stone tile, ceramic time or concrete slabs. They are also easy systems to install during remodeling projects. Generally, radiant systems are more cost-effective than other types of electric heating options, including space heaters.

At TileThis, we offer a number of different thermostat options to regulate the heat output of your radiant floor heating system, including the Nuheat Signature Touchscreen Thermostat. Ideally, the thermostat you choose will have floor sensor that continually monitors the floor temperature, keeping it at the desired level of comfort. There are numerous options on the market when it comes to thermostats for controlling heat generation from radiant in-floor heating.

You want a thermostat that is adjustable and intelligent enough to not overheat your home and save you on energy costs. That means ideally purchasing one that is made specifically for radiant floor heating systems.

The Nuheat SIGNATURE Touchscreen Thermostat

At Tile This, we offer the Nuheat SIGNATURE Touchscreen Thermostat, the industry’s first thermostat enabled through WiFi. This is a programmable thermostat that can be operated through the use of various means, including a mobile smart phone app (Android and iOS), web browser through Control4 home automation system, or IFTTT®. It is now also possible to regulate the floor temperature of in-floor heating through the use of voice commands using Amazon Alexa® or Google Assistant®.

In addition, you can also use the Nuheat SIGNATURE Touchscreen Thermostat using Nest. With this configuration, your floors will detect when you are home and provide heat to your desired temperature. They will also keep your floors cooler when you are not home to save energy.

For more information about the Nuheat Signature Touchscreen Thermostat in addition to the other floor heating thermostat options we offer at Tile This, call us today at 952.882.0436 or leave us a message through our contact form.