What Does a Tile Sealer Do? What is a Good Tile Sealer?

Tile sealer provides long-term protection to tile and other types of hard surfaces, such as granite, quartz, glass tile, concrete, travertine, limestone, and others. At Tile This, we are offer an array of tile and grout sealing solutions, along with other helpful tools and products that enable efficient and professional tile installations.

Should I Seal My Tile?

Typically, it is beneficial to seal tile. You may think of tile as a surface that is easy to clean with a quick wipe. However, various types of spills can soak into the tile and other hard surfaces and stain them permanently if they have not been previously sealed. However, if sealant has been applied, the spill substance will bead on top of the surface, making for an easy cleanup and no staining.

Sealing New Tile

During home construction or renovation, it is a typical step to seal tile after it has been installed. The tile sealer is necessary to protect the tile, stone, and grout surfaces from various types of spills and infiltrations, ensuring they continue to look new for a longer period of time. Sealing new tile is an important preventative maintenance measure to protect your investment.

Sealing Old Tile

It is less expensive to rejuvenate existing tile surfaces than to pay for replacing them with new tile. Depending on the condition of the tile, they may simply need a deep clean with the addition of a penetrating seal which will prevent dirt and other substances from penetrating deep.

A Good Tile Sealer

We offer the Miracle Sealants 511 Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Sealer – an impregnating sealer specially formulated to provide effective protection for ceramic and porcelain tile surfaces and grout. With the application of this sealer, a non-visible barrier forms that provides strong resistance against moisture penetration and staining. It is easy to apply, safe for areas around food, and allows the escape of vapor for long-term protection.

This tile sealer will not alter the natural appearance of the tile – it is not a surface coating. The results of application also include harder and less slippery surfaces. You can cover as much as 250 square feet of tile surface with a 16 oz. spray bottle of Miracle Sealants 511 Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Sealer.

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