What are the Best Tile Tools for a Shower?

When it comes brightening up a bathroom, there is nothing quite like the addition of a newly tiled shower wall. However, you need the right tile tools to make this project as easy and trouble-free as possible. At Tile This, we are your trusted source the tools you need to achieve optimal results with your tile installation projects.

Each type of tile tool has a specific use for tile installation projects. Using a tool that is not designed specifically for a particular task will either increase the time necessary to complete the project or cause other problems with the quality of the work.

Tile shower kits may include these and other tools for shower tile installations:

Notched Trowel

Trowels are tools used during tile installation to ensure a smooth and even application of mortar over the tile base, which also ensures a strong and even adherence of the tile to the base. It is helpful to choose a lightweight, yet durable trowel for effective mortar application.

Tile Spacers

It is essential provide proper spacing between the tiles in order to achieve a finished product with a professionally installed appearance. The finished result is going to looked skewed if the seams between the tiles are uneven. Slipping tile spacers in between the tile spaces makes laying tile a much easier process.

Tile Cutter

One of the most important tile tools installers need is the manual tile cutter. This lightweight tile tool allows you to produce precise, clean cuts on different types of tile sizes and types.

Grout Float

Grout is the glue that ensure the tiles lock together securely in place. A rubber grout float helps you to easily install grout between the joints dividing the tiles.

Tile Spacers

Many years ago, professional tile installers used nails, screws, and rope to maintain proper spacing between tiles during installation. Now they use tile spacers to achieve the correct spacing or make transitions to other tile patterns.

Other important tools and products for a shower tile installation project include a mixing arm, impact driver, grout sealant, and haze remover. There may be others that can make your tile project more efficient. But these are some of the best.

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