Types of Tile Cutters and Which Tile Cutter is the Best

Tile cutting is a task that often goes hand-in-hand with tile installation projects. Cutting tile makes it possible to fit tile pieces into non-standard spaces, such as a corner or around other obstacles. At Tile This, we offer an array of tile cutter product options to help you fulfill the requirements of your tile installation projects efficiently and accurately.

Types of Tile Cutters

The various types of tile cutters available to cut tile include manual tile cutters, angle grinders, and wet saws. Each has its own advantages.

Manual Cutters

As a common choice among tile installers, manual tile cutters are straightforward and easy to use. They are also easier to handle and control than many other tile cutting devices powered by electricity. Manual cutters give you the flexibility to moving quickly from one tile to the next with concern for accidentally snipping an electric cord. You can also use a manual tile cutter in any space regardless of the presence or nearness of an electrical outlet.

Manual cutters work efficiently for making straight, accurate cuts on ceramic tiles. The time involved to make cuts may be longer than using some electric powered cutters, but less skill is required as well. Of course, they cost considerably less than power cutters. However, manual tile cutter may not cut a tile narrower than about 1/2 inch as another power cutting tool.

Angle Grinders

As handheld power tools, angle grinders may be used for abrasive cutting in addition to sanding and polishing tasks as well. They can use diamond blades and create square, curved, and circular cuts for various requirements, such as floor drains. They are easy to use on tile that is already installed on a wall or for cutting special shapes.

Wet Saws

A wet saw is a power tool that employs a water-cooled diamond blade to cut tile quickly. The diamond blade is a toothless blade, which makes it effective for sensitive cutting requirements. Wet saws may be used outdoors and indoors.

The tile cutting products we offer help amateurs and professionals to cut and install tile with accuracy and efficiency. The various tile cutting products we offer include Rubi tile cutter scoring wheels, Rubi tile cutters, Alpha tile cutters, Sigma tile cutters, and other tile cutting products.

Which Tile Cutter is the Best?

The best tile cutter to use for any application depends on the size of the job, the type of tiling being cut, and the accuracy and efficiency needed. In some cases, manual cutter will be perfect for the task at hand. In other cases, a wet saw will save a tremendous amount of time on large projects.

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