Tools For Cleaning Grout In Tiles

Tile installation work can be messy. The grout is what makes it messy in large part because it can end up in places other than the tile joints. Grouting tile can leave behind a film or residue of sorts even when the work is performed by a professional installer. As a result, certain tools are required to remove the grout film. At TileThis, we have your grout cleaning needs covered with a range of tools and grout cleaning system options to get the job done thoroughly and efficiently, including tools and systems from popular brands such as Rubi, Raimondi, and Barwalt.

Grout Haze

If sometime after your tile installation (a couple of days or so) you notice a cloudy haze appear on your new tile surfaces, it is likely not soap scum that has accumulated that quickly. The likely culprit is grout haze. This is a common issue after the installation of tile. The hazy appearance on the tiles occurs because the installer failed to wipe off all the grout, allowing it to dry up and harden on the surfaces. When the grout dries on tiles, it produces a hazy appearance that makes the tiles look dirty. This haze is not easy to remove if it has been sitting on the tiles for over 24 hours.

Tools and Systems to Clean Grout

A cheesecloth or terry cloth along with a commercial cleaner may be used to try to remove grout haze, or a quality grout cleaning system may also be used. We offer various tools and systems to help you remove grout haze from your tiles. These include products from Raimondi, Rubi, and Barwalt to help you achieve success with your tile installation projects. With a quality grout cleaning system, you can thoroughly clean your tiles of grout residue, ensuring the final installation has the appearance your customer expects it to have.

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